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BCTV's Training Program: Learn what you need, when you need it.

BCTV's training program is designed to get you making video right away. You'll start by learning basic video skillswith a personalized, one-on-one "Flash Certification" training - this allows you to get your hands on the equipment and opens the door to everything else. Then you can sign up for a group class to deepen your understanding of video theory and advanced techniques. Staff members provide one-on-one support throughout the development of a project, no matter your level of experience.

Step 1 – Become a Member. You have to be a member to sign up for a training.

Step 2 – Become certified to use BCTV's video production equipment by scheduling a Flash Certification training session.

Step 3 – Sign out equipment and create programs for BCTV and beyond.


Individual Certification: hands-on training for your needs and experience

One-on-one training - this is a personalized, individual training scheduled by appointment, any time of year. Allow 60 minutes for camera or editing training. Email to schedule.

Cost per person: $25.00


Group classes: improve your skill level with theory and techniques

Group classes and workshops are scheduled in the Fall and Spring. 

To register, go to BCTV's Events Calendar

Classes offered: For a full class description, click here.

  • Camera Fundamentals
  • Editing Technique
  • Advanced Editing Tips & Tricks
  • Studio Production
  • Video on any Device
  • Audio for Video

Cost per person: Class training (group): $20.00

To be notified of upcoming group trainings: email or call 257-0888. 

BCTV schedules a group training series in the Fall and Spring. If you don't see upcoming dates on our Events Calendar, we'll be happy to notify you when the dates are published.


Reserving equipment

Whether you're certified to use BCTV's field camera kits, our all-HD Studio, or our editing suites -- now you can reserve the equipment you need to create your production. Email or call the office to reserve equipment or facilities.



You may be wondering how your program gets on BCTV's channels and online. Believe it or not, distribution is how BCTV staff members spend most of their time. Here's how it works:

  • When your program is finished, you'll submit it to BCTV either online through this website (no paper involved!) or by giving us a DVD or your program on a thumb drive, along with a Cablecast Request Form.
  • Scheduling: the deadline for submitting a program to be scheduled for the following week is Thursday at Noon. If you meet this deadline, your program will run 3-4 times for the next two weeks. The frequency of playout will depend on the length of your program.
  • Online: When the program is scheduled, it will also be uploaded to our Video Library. If you haven't already, you can log in and edit the information (description, tags, participants, and related links) so that people can find your video and get the most out of it. Your video will have sharing links and widgets for many popular sites.
  • Click here to read BCTV's Policies & Procedures. Note: This was written prior to the online submission system created by this website, but it gives you a more in-depth understanding of our policies for producers. One of the most important policies to understand is the legal requirements section.