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It Happens in Brattleboro

Join producer Gerry Delmonico as he takes to the streets of Brattleboro in search of vibrant, sometimes quirky, and always entertaining stories from around town.

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Guilford Country Store and Cafe Tour

Get the tour of Guilford's premiere gathering spot, the country store and deli. See who the regulars are, from legislators looking to talk to their constituents to patrons on the hunt for the best breakfast sandwich in the state. Watch now »

Puppet Show at Brooks Library 2/23/17

Join Aunt Swelly (Ann Legunn) from 14 Carrots PuppeTree as she presents this annual puppet show free of charge at Brooks Memorial Library. Watch now »

Fun with Food and Art - Valentine's Tea

In celebration of Valentine's Day, join Linda and Lizi from the Brattleboro Museum and Brattleboro Food Coop as they present this joint venture looking at food and art with hands-on creative activities for kids. Watch now »

Children's Room Renovations at Brooks Library 2/13/17

Continuing their renovations at Brooks Memorial Library in downtown Brattleboro, the Children's Room gets a much needed facelift, with all new colors, new carpet and a new Teen Room! Get a look at just how down and dirty things had to get before the transformation was complete--as every book and...Watch now »

The Bar at the Whetstone Station

Join producer Gerry Del Monico as he returns for the third and final chapter in his series about the inner workings of the popular downtown restaurant and brewery--following up his kitchen and brewery profiles with a look at the the happenings at the bar. From the intricacies of the beer program...Watch now »

Fun with Food and Art - MLK Day 2017

Fun with Food & Art: Components of Compassion

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr., join Linda and Lizi from the Brattleboro Museum and Brattleboro Food Coop as they present this joint venture looking at food and art with up-close look at the current art exhibit followed by a...Watch now »

The Brewery at the Whetstone Station 1/6/17

Join local brewmasters James and Connor at the Whetstone Station as they give producer Gerry Del Monico all the details on how they make the restaurants signature beers--from creating the recipes, to the intricate brewing process, all the way through to the moment a keg is wheeled out to the bar...Watch now »

Fun with Food and Art - Dec 2016

Join Brattleboro Food Coop Education and Outreach Coordinator Lizi Rosenberg as she hosts the Coop's annual join venture with the Brattleboro Museum, combining food and art in this fun day of activities for kids.Watch now »

A Fun Lunch at the Whetstone - Dec 2016

Get a look at the high-tech operation at the Whetstone Station, as producer Gerry Del Monico goes behind the curtain of the popular downtown restaurant and brewery.Watch now »

Gallery Walk Hospice Shop Pop Up Extravaganza - Dec 2016

Get a look at December Gallery Walk in downtown Brattleboro including the Brattleboro Area Hospice's big Pop Up fundraiser hosted at the Brooks House Atrium, complete with prizes, sale items, live music, and costumes.Watch now »