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SEON is the Sustainable Energy Outreach Network.

The mission of SEON is to create an interrelated concentration of local businesses, educational institutions, and public sector participants dedicated to improving the economic sustainability of the SE Vermont Region.  We promote the development and commercialization of renewable energy / energy efficiency technologies, products, services, and processes.  Core to development is the advancement of learning for seasoned and entry-level practitioners, those exploring the field of sustainable energy, students, and the general public

Our vision is for Southeastern Vermont and neighboring regions will be one of the foremost centers of sustainable energy and resiliency in rural America

SEON is a different model for economic development.  Either through ‘Open Forums’, webpage blogs, forums, working groups, and e-newsletters, all constituents of the local economy can come together to network, form partnerships, ask questions, share information, discuss difficult issues, and collaborate with all sectors to enrich our local economy.  We recognize the interdependence and interrelatedness of all members of our economy, and connect those once isolated and independent entities to a bigger regional picture that calls us to create a world worthy of inheriting.

SEON is not a project management organization that directs resources to a particular issue.  We are a facilitative organization that supports the development and commercialization of renewable energy and energy efficiency by linking people, information, and resources.