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2016 Townshend Town Meeting 3/1/16

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Town of Townshend 2016 Annual Meeting

04:18  Article 1: To choose a Moderator

05:08 Recess Town Meeting & convene School District Annual Meeting


Townshend School District Meeting

06:00 Reading of Town School District Warning

06:24  Article 1: To elect a Moderator

07:30  Article 2: To accept School Directors report

10:50  Article 3: To elect School Directors

14:54  Article 4: To elect a School District Treasurer

15:31 Article 5: To compensate the Townshend School District Officers

16:30 Article 6: To approve School Budget

26:15  Article 7: To authorize School Directors to borrow money

27:54  Article 8: To authorize School Directors to spend unanticipated funds

28:38  Article 9: To set the date for the next School District Annual Meeting

29:08  Article 10: To transact non-binding business

31:36 Vote to Adjourn School District Annual Meeting

33:30  Legislative Report - Rep. Long & Sen. Balint - Q&A


Townshend Town Meeting

1:03:00  Reconvene Town Meeting, Article 2: To act upon the Auditors' Report

1:18:25 Article 3: To vote on the elimination of the Office of Auditor

1:43:56  Article 4: To vote on Town officials' salaries

2:14:55  Article 5: To elect all Town Officials

2:27:16  Article 6: To authorize Property Tax Collectors to receive taxes quarterly

2:29:11  Article 7: To vote to appropriate funds to pay for Town expenses

2:54:40  Article 8: To vote to appropriate funds to pay for Town roads

3:02:48  Article 9: To vote to appropriate funds to pay for Town library

3:03:57  Article 10: To vote to raise funds for Capital Expenditure Fund Fire Dept. Reserve

3:04:44  Article 11: To vote to raise funds for Old Cemetery Fund

3:05:19 Article 12: To vote to raise funds for Social Services

3:10:43 Article 13: To authorize Selectboard to set tax rate and borrow money

3:12:23 Article 14: To authorize Selectboard to acquire land

3:14:20  Article 15: To set the date for the next Town Annual Meeting

3:15:05  Article 16: To transact any non-binding business


Production Date: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016 - 09:15