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Theatre Adventure: Courageous 4/16/15

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Other powerful work has happened this school year. When an actor has said, “I can’t do this,” the response from the troupe has been, “Of course you can.” In such moments  of self-doubt  we started using an imaginary straw and taking in deep sips of courage. The troupe would agree that Ashley has guided us in finding this self- empowerment.

The troupe has been inspired to work in solidarity while digging deep into their theater studies.  This show is the culmination of almost sevenmonths of inventing, creating, rehearsing, refining, and presenting. What an honor it is to work with this troupe of dedicated actors!

The first act presents an eclectic group of characters(chosen by the actors), each faced with a situation for expressing their power, for beingcourageous, “The Character Revealed.” Each character is in one of the three stories. These stories shine a light on the “inside workings” of our twenty characters.

The second act offers you– the audience– a view of the actor beneath the character, as told with a shadow screen, dance, and poetry, “The Actor Revealed.” Boldness prevails! Theatre Adventure actors with and withoutdisabilities create brave and vibrant theater.  With innovative artistic vision,Theatre Adventure actors inspire awakened views from their audiences.

Production Date: 
Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 10:30

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