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Stand Up Fight Back Conference 5/11/19

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Join the Spark Teacher Education Institute and Brattleboro Solidarity in partnership with Marlboro College for a day of workshops, speakers, panels, and community conversations – to share, learn, think, and organize for a better world.

This year we have witnessed teacher strikes in Oklahoma, West Virginia, Colorado, LA and beyond. These teachers courageously took to the streets to fight for higher wages, improvements to teaching environments, and bettering students’ learning conditions. As educators in Vermont, we too fight for better conditions in our school, the strengthening of public education, and the overall health and well being of our students. We push to create classrooms engaged in critical thought about the major struggles in the world around us, always connecting these issues to the lives of our students and our Vermont community.The struggles of today – including perpetual war, increased privatization, environmental degradation, building of walls, criminalization of the poor, and the separation of families – must be met with urgency, resiliency, and hope. Connections must be made between the killing of children by U.S. made bombs to the inadequate nutrition, lack of safe housing, and poverty many of our students face. We must come together to investigate how we build a human community, one that stands opposed to the enormous profits of the few on the backs of many.

Recorded by Russ Grabiec. Edited by Solomon Ponzio.

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Saturday, May 11, 2019 - 13:15