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2015 Slow Living #5: Food Justice, Ali Berlow

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CLOSING PLENARY: FOOD JUSTICE & ACCESS: Fresh, Healthy Food For Your Community: The big and small things you can do

Ali Berlow, author, founder of Island Grown Initiative; with artistic partner, interdisciplinary artist Maya Apfelbaum; Jo Kirsch, Village Yoga, Manchester VT; and Percussionist & Gong Master Stephan Brandstatter

Look around you…who is included in your local / regional food systems and who isn’t? Why? At the Slow Living Summit we’ve heard from boots-on-the-ground experts in their fields. Now’s the time to reflect and ask ourselves – what can each one of us do to help create access to fresh, healthy, whole foods for everyone? Start a green grocery in a food desert, a farmers’ market at a rest stop, work to subsidize whole foods, build an inter-generational garden, a humane slaughterhouse…and more. You can change the world. Join the Food Access & Justice summary in hope, inspiration and most importantly, in action.

Production Date: 
Friday, June 5, 2015 - 17:00

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