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2014 Slow Living #3: The Free-co-system - Sharma, Johnquest

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PLENARY 3: The Free-co-system: Investing for personal and community wealth

Summary: Through several interesting examples – globally, nationally and locally – this dialogue explores the organic nature of markets and communities. Come discuss how institutions and individuals might consider their “investment” (in civic engagement, energy, and economics) to strengthen our collective resilience and achieve greater “wealth” for ourselves and our communities.

Presenter: Amit Sharma, investment professional who has worked at the intersection of commercial enterprise, public policy and the capital markets – with organizations in the public, private and development sectors.

Artistic collaborator: Amy Johnquest, aka the Banner Queen, a painter who offers handpainted sideshow banners reminiscent of old carnivals and traveling circuses.

Production Date: 
Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 13:45

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