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Impeachment and the Rule of Law 1/8/20

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Tim Kip, retired U.S. History and Political Science teacher for 39 years expounds on the opinions of legal scholars over the years to the present on the Power of Impeachment of the President given to the Congress and the Supreme Court by the Constitution. The talk was part of the DEMOCRACY FORUM held each month at the River Garden, Strolling of the Heifers Brown Bag Series.


The concepts of a “nation of laws and not of people” and the “rule of law” are as old as our nation-state itself. Casting aside the “divine right of kings,” this new ideal would become the very foundation of our democracy.What happens when the president violates the oath of office? Through the lens of history and contemporary politics, this lecture/discussion will examine the roles of the Constitution, the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Council, the 25th Amendment, and impeachment in addressing president misconduct. The conclusion will ask, “How well is the US living up to the principle of the Rule of Law?”Tim Kipp, retired US history and political science teacher of 39 years and a political activist since the 1960’s - examines the roles of the Constitution, the Justice Department's Office of legal Council, the 25th Ammendment, and impeachment in addressing Presidential misconduct.


Production Date: 
Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 12:00

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