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Bridging Immigrant Systems and Communities

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This was a talk about helping immigrants navigate the system. From 8/30/18. Karin Ndzelen moved to Vermont in 2012 to go to Graduate School at S.I.T.  She has a degree in law from Cameroon, has worked with programs in Africa South of the Sahara, Australia, and National Honors Programs. She became a citizen of the United States July 4, 2018. She states: "This is to be my introduction to my community. The topic is 'Bridging Systems and Communities'. I know a lot of support exists but we also know that the people who really need the support sometimes don't know how to access them, or cannot access them so there's always a need for help. Having moved here and walked through the immigration process on my own - I never used a lawyer - there's a lot that I got to learn and I think I can help other immigrants in the community. My aim is not to be the answer to every question, but to be able to walk you through to find an answer. I want to create connections. I'm going to start really small.I don't think I need any money to do this - I think I can do this without financial support. I'm going to create an on-line presence. e-mail: I'm no expert but I've had a few experiences, and I've observed a few things and I think I can join in the effort to make things a little better."

She wants to help in these areas:

* immigration

* education (high school - to - college advising)

* professional development

* finances

* personal life

* life style/self organization

* most of these are inter-related

She is also a Zumba Instructor.

Production Date: 
Thursday, August 30, 2018 - 12:00

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