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Visit with Young Professionals 6/28/19

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U.S. Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vermont, talks to members of the Southern Vermont Young Professionals about issues facing young people that want to live in Vermont. Representative Welch came to Mocha Joe's Roasting Company to discuss Revitalization of our Local Communities but the Housing Shortage was highlighted. Participants included

Pierre Capy, owner, Mocha Joe's Roasting Co.

Sarah Lang, Brattleboro Development Credit Corp.

Michael Root, U.S.Postal Service

Katherine Partington, New England Youth Theater

Anna Bowler, Brattleboro Solar Management

Chris Parker, Service Director, Windham Central Supervisory, and Vernon Selectboard member

Katie Knaebie, Workforce Development manager, Vt. Dept. of Labor

Jillian Hobdry, Creative Director for Non-profits

Cory Williams, Applied Dynamics

andrew marchev, assoc. atty., Phillips, Dunn, Shriver, and Carol, P.C.

Jon Saccoccio, J.A.S. Workshop, Architect at Stevens & Associates

Alex Beck, Workforce Education Manager, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation

Sarah Wiggins, School for International Training

Chris Lucasik, Victim Advocate at Windham County State Attorney office, and Brattleboro Retreat

AlysaTodd, Windham County Safe Place

Kora Skeel,  Mocha Joe's Roasting Co.

Caden Dole, Landmark College

Niccola Pasenda, Assistant Director of Housing Operations at Landmark Co



Production Date: 
Friday, June 28, 2019 - 07:45

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