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Project Atlantic

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In 2012, Brattleboro Town Energy Committee Member George Harvey called for the creation of Project Atlantic, an outreach project to educate the people of Brattleboro about their possible energy futures as we head towards 2050.

Project Atlantic challenges Brattleboro students to create media that showcase cutting edge energy production, efficiency and consumption schemes, focusing on places in Europe and across the United States and Vermont that have things to teach us about what a town of our size is capable of.

In the Fall of 2013, and again this Fall, Michael Auerbach’s Environmental Science and Policy students at Brattleboro Union High School took up this challenge. They interviewed Town Officials, local energy experts, farmers, building managers and even their Congressman, and produced six short films about different aspects of the Brattleboro energy picture. They wove these pieces together with a News Desk narrative to create an exceptional piece of work that will not only serve the people of Brattleboro, but is on its way to becoming a state– and region wide model for engaging citizens and young people as active participants as we enter the most important phase of our future energy decisions.

Production Date: 
Friday, January 17, 2014 - 11:00