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February 16, 2018

BCTV is partnering with USA Nordic's live production of this world-class ski jumping competition hosted in Brattleboro on President's Day Weekend. We have a terrific crew of BCTV camera operators helping out from Noon - 3 PM both weekend days. Come in person or tune into Facebook Live at this link: (This is Saturday's link)

December 21, 2017

Watch BCTV's multi-camera coverage of this special fall event hosted by the Brattleboro Music Center in their new performance space.

December 7, 2017

Check out BCTV's 2018 outreach video - you may see yourself in one of the thousands of ways that people are "on" BCTV.

November 3, 2017

This Tuesday November November 7th voters in Brattleboro, Dummerston, Putney and Guilford will vote on whether or not to approve a merging of school board's in the WSESU to comply with Act 46. And with such a complicated issue there's lots of content on BCTV to watch to learn more.

First, the WSESU Act 46 Study Committee meetings in their entirety can be found by clicking here.

Need the condensed version? Check out these FAQs from the committee by clicking here.

Watch the latest forums in Dummerston, Putney and Brattleboro.

How about more debate? Click here to watch the latest Citzens' Breakfast all about Act 46.

Click here to watch Montpelier Connections video on alternatives to Act 46.

And there's lots more. Act 46 videos are all tagged as such, so you can simply type 'Act 46' into the search bar and have at it!

October 16, 2017

Watch the acceptance on Facebook:

Winner: Artist a la Mode: Wyld Nightz Band, November 2016. Produced by Kathryn Turnas. This local favorite band is one of many hosted by Kim Timledge on 'Artist a la Mode' in BCTV's studio.


October 10, 2017

BCTV joins the Brattleboro community in mourning the passing of Stanley Lynde of Lynde Motorsports. This video from 2011 captures his clients and friends talking about what made his shop and connection to people so special. Video by Greg McAllister. A recent tour of the shop by Gerry Del Monico.

October 5, 2017

With this year's 2017 edition of the Brattleboro Literary Festival set to run from October 12-15 you can catch up on all the best from years past with BCTV's series coverage.


Brattleboro Literary Festival BCTV Series - Check out authors from previous years

Brattleboro Literary Festival Official Website - find the complete schedule for 2017 and more

Keep Talking: Author Ron Powers - catch up with Ron before his Lit Fest Event with this studio interview

Here We Are BCTV Series - join host Wendy O'Connell as she interviews participants in the 2017 festival

September 22, 2017

Following Chris Lenois' announcement (below), I want to thank Chris and Fish at WKVT for allowing BCTV to make Green Mountain Mornings into BCTV's local news show for the past year (going on 14 months).  I'm proud that BCTV was able to present the show's high quality content, featuring reporters from Windham County's three news institutions, and of the timeliness, reliability, and quality of the video production. 

The impetus for 'Green Mountain Mornings Tonight' came out of the willingness of two summer interns in 2016, Ben Somin and Jane Fenstermaker, to record and edit the program under Roland Boyden's supervision. When we knew the show was going to work as a long term commitment, Nolan Edgar took over and brought his DSLR expertise to the recording. Roland edited and distributed the show to BCTV viewers, Facebook, YouTube, and across the state on the day it was aired on WKVT - delivering the immediacy that today's viewers expect.
The glue that held the show together was Chris' skill as a radio host, knowledge of local issues, and the personality to create a lively interview, morning after morning. Also invaluable was his ability to "just keep talking" when technical issues arose within the studio:) All of the reporters stepped up and helped viewers and listeners understand local and state issues, drawing on the journalistic expertise they bring to their articles and stories. It's what everyone wants from a local news show (especially these days).
Thanks to everyone who made this show a reality through your willingness to get up early and be on or behind the camera. I'm excited that the show will continue with  Olga Peters at the helm.
Cor Trowbridge
Dear GMM contributors and community, 
I’m writing to let you know that I am leaving my position as Host/Producer of “Green Mountain Mornings,” and News Director for WKVT, effective September 22. I have accepted a job as Associate Director of Marketing Communications at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.  
What this means for the current features, regular segments and guest appearances is currently being determined. The station is committed to continuing the platform, but one of the great things about hosting the show has been the latitude I’ve been given to make it my own. I hope they offer that same freedom to my successor, while staying true to the goal of being a resource for individuals and organizations in our community. Going forward, please direct any questions you may have to Peter Case at
It has been a pleasure to host hundreds of hours-worth of conversations with you all over the past few years. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done to build the Green Mountain Mornings brand, but it goes without saying that none of it would have been possible without your participation and support.

Chris Lenois, host/producer

Green Mountain Mornings, WKVT 100.3FM/1490AM


September 11, 2017

Watch the awards night here:

BCTV Producer Award Winners 2017

  • Community Partner of the Year:  Mitchell * Giddings Fine Arts

Mitchell * Giddings Fine Arts holds a signature monthly "Artist Talk", which is a dialogue with a featured artist discussing their process. Mitchell Giddings enlisted videographer Andy Reichsman to produce a series of shows documenting the artist's talks, titled "MGFA Presents," aired on BCTV and shared on the gallery's website. Producer Reichsman says: "The artists are some of the most articulate and interesting people around. The opportunity to document and share their artistic insights was irresistible."  Petria Mitchell, the gallery owner, says "We have had many positive comments from folks, both artist and public. It's great to have an outlet to share creativity and the artists' insights to a broader audience outside our gallery. Videos:

  • Municipal Partner of the Year: WSESU Act 46 Study Committee

Five members of the study committee came to BCTV to create a short video "Act 46 FAQs for WSESU," explaining their recommendations for a merger proposal. Committee member Jill Stahl-Tyler noticed that people's concerns were typically best addressed when they could talk one-on-one with their neighbors or friends.  "Knowing it was impossible to talk with everyone individually, we felt creating a video that answered the questions we heard the most would probably be the best way to effectively reach a larger number of people," explained Stahl-Tyler.

  • Nonprofit Member of the Year: Guilford Community Church

Pastor Lise Sparrow, who had wanted to record the services at Guilford Community Church for years, finally found the right producer-Gerry del Monico, who records the weekly service for BCTV and online. Choir director Peter Amidon uploads choir anthems to YouTube to share the musical offering.  Amidon says, "Making our Sunday morning church services available on BCTV and online is a meaningful gift for those in our church community who are housebound and/or ill.  It is also a great way for people to find out about our church and our church services."

  • Volunteer of the Year: Interns Ben Somin and Jane Fenstermaker

In July 2016, two students who wanted internships contacted BCTV separately: Ben Somin, from Landmark College, who had DSLR camera skills, and Jane Fenstermaker of BUHS, who knew how to edit. Their timing was perfect. BCTV was seeking ways to partner with WKVT's Green Mountain Mornings to showcase local journalists talking about the news of the day. But, we didn't have the staff. For the first six weeks of the show, Ben recorded Chris Lenois talking with journalists from the Reformer and The Commons, and the same day Jane would edit and add B-roll from BCTV videos for upload that night. They both took on more responsibility than your average intern and worked hard to make the show a reality for the station.

  • New Producer of the Year: Chard deNiord

Poet Laureate of Vermont Chard deNiord came to BCTV with an idea, and soon learned how to use BCTV's equipment to make it a reality for two different shows. Acting as both host and director, deNiord created "Poets Speak," a monthly interview show with area poets and writers talking about their work, their inspiration and how Vermont plays a role in their creativity. Next he created "You Come Too," a series of short videos in which he reads a new poem by a Vermont poet each week with visuals provided by local artists Brian Cohen and Eric Aho. deNiord found the staff at BCTV made the technical aspect manageable: "When I became Poet Laureate of Vermont in 2015, I began thinking about practical ways of bringing what the poet Ezra Pound called "the news that stays news" to as many people of Vermont as possible. I finally entered the studio after overcoming my trepidation of managing my own show and have now completed five interviews with poets Verandah Porche, Jeff Friedman, Dede Cummings, Bianca Stone, and Tim Mayo."
'Poets Speak' Videos:
'You Come Too' Videos:

  • Producer of the Year: Gerry Del Monico

Gerry Del Monico became active with BCTV two years ago and instantly rose to become one of its most prolific producers. He mastered the technique of using a tablet to create and edit short pieces, adding music and narration and submitting it as a finished program. His regular series include, "Day Kitchen Demos," shot at the Brattleboro Food Coop, and "It Happens in Brattleboro," where he takes to the streets of Brattleboro in search of vibrant, sometimes quirky, and always entertaining stories from around town. Gerry is also the producer of the weekly Guilford Community Church service. He finds satisfaction in being a community media producer and the ability to help others. Gerry says: "A couple of weeks ago I was filming the church service, and someone came up and told me there's a 100-year-old woman who lives in a nursing home who wants to get to the service, but she can't. So she asked a nurse to DVR the service on channel 8 and she watches it. If I can make life better for someone like that, it's worth it to me. So that's why I share it - others enjoy it!"
'Day Kitchen Demos' videos:
'It Happens in Brattleboro' videos:

  • Series of the Year: The World Fusion Show

Derrik Jordan is a local recording artist, singer-songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and teacher who created "The World Fusion Show" at BCTV, featuring interviews and performances with a different performer for each episode. Jordan and his technical team, including Wyatt Andrews and Alan Stockwell, employed sophisticated audio capture techniques and created a different set for each show, depending on the guests' instruments. Jordan's inspiration, he says, is his network of talented friends who share his interest. "I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would host a TV show, but I realized a couple of years ago that I knew a lot of people who did World Fusion Music and I had a long standing passionate interest in the subject. This show contributes to  that culture and brings together this wonderful group of people to a wider audience to enjoy." The show has its own Facebook page and YouTube channel.

August 31, 2017

Comcast sues Vermont over PEG access requirements - Sign the Petition today!

Here is the petition:

In January 2017, Vermont's Public Utility Commission, as part of renewing Comcast's Certificate of Public Good to operate in Vermont for the next 11 years, required that Comcast give PEG channels the same accessibility and features as other channels on the cable lineup, including access to the Interactive Program Guide and HD channels. Comcast appealed these requirements, claiming that the PUC did not have the jurisdiction to make such a ruling. However, in July, the PUC again ruled in favor of supporting PEG channels and upheld its order. On August 28, Comcast filed for federal relief, claiming again that the state lacks jurisdiction to require these conditions. 

Vermont Access Network (VAN), the alliance of 26 public access stations in Vermont, gained some allies in the fight with Comcast. The Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG) launched a Petition, urging Comcast to cease and desist from further legal action.

This Petition will raise awareness about this consumer rights issue and lay the groundwork for greater support if and when Comcast files a federal court case--which promises to be expensive (upwards of $100K) for VAN.

Find out more: