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July 1, 2021

BCTV is pleased to present a new orchestral series premiereing on channel 1075 and YouTube! The grand opening of Juno Singles commences June 18th at 7:00PM with new episodes premiere every other Friday!

Click here to learn more about the Juno Orchestra.



On July 16th, "Vermont Seasons" by Dana Maiben premieres on YouTube and on channel 1075 - catch the live broadcast at 7pm or watch it below!


The next episode of Juno Singles, "Juno Variations" by Robert Merfeld preimeres on July 2nd at 7:00PM - and you can watch it below, or on BCTV channel 1075


The opening episode of Juno Singles, "Suite for an Imaginary Country" by Derrik Jordan, premieres June 18th at 7:00PM - watch the full episode below!

June 24, 2021

Some good news came out of 2020! BCTV submitted two winning entries to the Alliance for Community Media's national Hometown Media Awards for programs aired on BCTV in 2020.

1 - New England Youth Theatre and Broad Brothers' video, "NEYT's Romeo and Juliet in COVID Times" was named the Winner in the category of Local Performances, Student Division. The producers, Aja and Kaelan Selbach-Broad, were NEYT alumni before studying film at Syracuse University. They produced the video in the summer of 2020 and it opens with an explanation of the techniques they used to adhere to COVID safety regulations while filming a great performance with a youth cast and crew. BCTV aired the video after it was edited and premiered.

Below is a short, edited preview of the project. Click here to watch the full video!



 2 - BCTV submitted excerpts from 15 shows aired in 2020 and was named the Winner for Overall Excellence in P.E. or G. Access for budgets under $300,000. This is the fourth time BCTV has won this award recognizing the breadth and depth of our staff and volunteer producers' work compared to other stations of our size. The programs excerpted in our awards submission were:
Harris Hill Ski Jump 2020. Producer: BCTV.
Call to Action COVID-19. Producer: Fish
George Floyd Protest in Brattleboro. Producer: Ezlerh Oreste
Reclaiming Abenaki Placename Wantastegok at Retreat Farm. Producer: Donna Blackney.
‘Arts Unite Windham’ benefit for social justice organizations. Producer: BCTV.
Brattleboro Virtual Gallery Walk. Producer: Frederic Noyes
The EOS Project Concert. Producer: Ray Sebold for the Brattleboro Music Center.
Putney Craft Tour 2020 - Dena Moses. Producer: Ryan Burch.
Guilford Community Church Christmas Eve Service. Producer: Austin Rice.
Spring 202 Landmark College Commencement. Producer: BCTV
2020 Leland and Gray High School Graduation. Producer: BCTV
Guilford Town Meeting Day 2020. Producer: BCTV
Montpelier Connection: Update from the Statehouse with Nader Hashim. Producer: Rep. Michael Mrowicki/BCTV
Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting 2020. Producer: BCTV
Meet the Candidates: Erin Hazlett Whitney, Candidate for Governor (I). Producer: BCTV.

Here's a trailer of the original video we edited. Click here if you'd like to see the full video!


June 9, 2021

Next week is the big week for grads in the Brattleboro area! Tune into our live broadcasts on channel 1085 and on YouTube. You can also cheer on any of these events from our Facebook page!


We kick it all off with the Brattleboro Area High School Senior Awards Night on Monday, June 14th at 6:30pm!


Then join us at 6:00PM Wednesday, June 16th (rain dates: Tues. 6/15 or Thurs. 6/17 - see BAMS website if rain is forecast) for the Brattleboro Area Middle School Move-Up day



Brattleboro Union High School will hold its 2021 Graduation Ceremony on Friday, June 18th at 6:30pm (rain date: Saturday 6/19 at 3:30 PM)



We finish up the week with Leland & Grey's Graduation Ceremony for their Class of 2021 on Saturday, June 19th at 10am!


May 21, 2021

The town of Vernon, Vermont will hold its annual Town Meeting Sunday, May 23rd at 2pm. The town is invited to the lawn of the Vernon Free Library where masks will be worn and distancing will be enforced.

Warning, Town Report, and Articles can be found here.

Or, watch the broadcast on channel 1085 or below at 2pm on Sunday:


May 18, 2021

Join the friends and families of Landmark College Spring 2021 graduates this Saturday for two very special ceremonies.


The Landmark College 20-21 Retiree Ceremony begins at 9:00am on May 22nd. Watch live on channel 1075 or below, on the Landmark College YouTube page!


Landmark College Spring 2021 Commencement will begin at 11:15am. Join us on Comcast channel 1075 or online on the Landmark College YouTube channel!


April 22, 2021

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March 1, 2021

Watch Brattleboro Union High School Girls and Boys Varsity Hockey live on YouTube and Comcast Channel 1075. The games are streamed to the BUHS Athletics YouTube Channel.

Find individual game links here:


 DateTimeLinkVs. School
GirlsSaturday 2/204:45PM
GirlsWednesday 2/244:00PM
BoysWednesday 2/247:00PM
BoysSaturday 2/274:45PM
GirlsSaturday 3/64:45PM
GirlsWednesday 3/104:00PM
BoysWednesday 3/107:00PM & Burton
BoysWednesday 3/177:00PM
BoysSaturday 3/204:45PM & Burton
BoysWednesday 3/248:00PM


February 1, 2021


Town Meeting Rep Caucuses & Informational Meeting 

Wednesday, March 10

Watch video



MARCH 17, 2021at 7:30 P.M.

Watch Facebook video

Representative Town Meeting

Part 1: SATURDAY, MARCH 20, 2021 at 8:30 AM

Part 2: SUNDAY, MARCH 21 AT 8:30 AM

Part 3: FRIDAY, MARCH 26 AT 4:30 pm 

The meeting will be carried live on BCTV and WVEW-FM:

To participate (speak) in the meeting, please call in using your telephone by dialing any of these toll-free numbers in the United States: 





The “Meeting ID” for this meeting is: 864 4868 0971

Phone controls for participants: 

• *6 - Toggle mute/unmute

• *9 - Raise hand




Pre-Town Meeting: Wednesday, February 24 at 6:30 PM via Zoom

Town Meeting Warning

Watch on YouTube:




Town Meeting Day Informational Meeting: Thursday, February 25 at 6 PM via Zoom

Warning for Town Meeting

Remote Public Informational Hearing & Agenda

Watch on YouTube:




Planning to hold in-person Town Meeting or Australian Ballot on May 1.



Pre-Town Meeting: Monday, March 1 at 6 PM via Zoom

Town Meeting Warning

Watch on YouTube:


Informational Meeting: Saturday, February 27 at 10 AM via Zoom

2/27/21 Meeting Agenda

Town Meeting Warning

FY20 Town Report

Watch on YouTube:



Pre-Town Meeting: Wednesday, February 17 at 6 PM: repeat agenda Thursday, February 18 at 6 PM

162nd Town Meeting Warning

FY20 Townshend Town Report

Watch on YouTube:



Planning to hold in-person Town Meeting in early May


Windham Southeast Supervisory District

WSESD Budget Vote information

Warning for Australian Ballot

Watch on YouTube:

February 2/19 Meeting:

February 2/23 Meeting:


November 30, 2020

BCTV’s annual producer awards ceremony will be held virtually on Wednesday, December 9 at 6:30 PM.

Watch and join the Live Chat to congratulate our winners here:

The following organizations and individuals will be recognized for their achievements during the past year:

Community Partner Award: Next Stage Arts

Next Stage Arts in Putney partnered with BCTV to create and share a variety of excellent local content including “Fables Storytelling,” “The Quarantine Sessions,” “Cooped-Up Kids,” “Votes for All Women,” and “Rigged: A Voter Suppression Panel.” In August, Keith Marks of Next Stage organized a live multi-venue arts performance, “Arts Unite Windham,” to raise funds for local social justice organizations and to bring attention to arts venues that had been shut down for months. BCTV provided the technical backbone of this 4-hour live stream from 5 venues that ultimately raised $8000.

Nonprofit Member Award: Senior Solutions of Southeastern Vermont

Joann Erenhouse, Community Relations Director for Senior Solutions, joined BCTV in 2018 to distribute key information to aging Vermonters in the area and learned how to produce a monthly studio show, “Keeping Up with Senior Solutions,” which she has continued to produce on Zoom. Joann and her co-host, Jim Collins, just completed their twelfth episode with guest experts on topics such as advanced directives, dementia, medicare, benefits, mail-in voting, and Reiki.

Municipal Partner Award: Patrick Moreland and Mike Bucossi, Town of Brattleboro

This year’s award goes to two departments of the Town of Brattleboro that were active in using BCTV to reach the public during the COVID-19 public health emergency.

In the Town Manager's office, Patrick Moreland was charged with finding a way for the Selectboard to meet virtually when in-person meetings were prohibited. Patrick quickly learned videoconferencing technology and made the virtual format work efficiently and effectively for Selectboard members, ASL interpreters, BCTV, and the public. In September, along with Town Moderator Lawrin Crispe and Town Clerk Hilary Francis, Patrick engineered the first virtual Town Meeting in Vermont, which was held on Zoom for 13 hours with over 100 participants. It went smoothly and is being hailed as a model for the State.

Mike Bucossi of the Brattleboro Fire Department and his staff met with BCTV in January to establish an emergency ticker portal on BCTV's channels so the Department could quickly reach community members with alerts and announcements. Two months later, the first ticker was initiated with the Governor's 'Stay Safe, Stay Home' order on March 24. Since then, the Department has used the ticker to update local residents with news alerts for COVID-19 and others. This is an important use of BCTV as an emergency messaging system.

New Producer of the Year: Donna Blackney

Donna Blackney moved to Brattleboro in May 2020 with a professional film background and joined BCTV via Zoom while the office and studio were closed. Her first project was to interview downtown store owners about their reopening plans. She became active with the Brattleboro Words Project and covered two important events: reclaiming the Abenaki place name ‘Wantastegok’ at The Retreat Farm, and the unveiling of a plaque commemorating Nobel Peace Prize recipient Jody Williams at Green Street School.

Producer of the Year: Peter 'Fish' Case

Peter 'Fish' Case created an online interview show "Call to Action: COVID-19" in response to the COVID emergency. He gathered critical information from local, state, and national experts and disseminated it via YouTube, BCTV, podcast, and radio. The show went live on March 19 with the headline: "Will our food supply hold up?" and was produced daily for a total of 50 episodes, ending with Congressman Peter Welch on August 25. After that, he moved on to produce eight episodes of 'Windham Votes,' interviewing local town clerks about the voting process. Fish's dedication to finding factual information -- answers to his own questions-- and sharing it with his neighbors through BCTV exemplifies the role of the community producer.

Series of the Year: Montpelier Happy Hour

Producer and host Olga Peters started “Montpelier Happy Hour” in February 2019 as a podcast and WVEW radio show, and in March 2020 added a video on BCTV and YouTube along with regular contributor, state representative Emilie Kornheiser. Their first video episode, "COVID-19 and the Cracks in the System," articulated one of the show’s main themes - the gap between policy and individual experience. Olga and Emilie approach weekly topics from both the personal and professional perspectives, which gives their discussion its unique richness.

Host of the Year: Marty Cohn

This is a new award, recognizing the critical role of the host. In 2014, Marty Cohn joined BCTV as the host and producer of “SafStor Matters,” a show about the decommissioning of Vermont Yankee, that was awarded BCTV’s 2015 Series of the Year. In 2015, he hosted and produced “Healthcare Matters” for Grace Cottage Hospital. Another show, “Rotary Cares” began in 2017. He volunteered as a host for BCTV's 'Open Studio and 'Meet the Candidates' series in 2018, and kept producing his Rotary show. When BCTV had to close the studio facilities in March 2020, Marty not only learned to use Zoom to continue producing Rotary Cares, he added two new weekly shows: the “Rotary Club Speaker Series”, and “PR Benefits,” a show about public relations in the COVID-19 era. In addition, Marty single-handedly coordinated and hosted BCTV's 'Meet the Candidates' interviews leading up to the 2020 elections, which resulted in 20 interviews over a six-week period that were aired statewide.

BCTV's 50+ local producers and staff produced 1300 hours of local programming over the past year.

Brattleboro Community Television is a community media center serving Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Jamaica, Newfane, Putney, Townshend, and Vernon. BCTV's mission is to promote civic engagement and transparency and to empower community members to share their knowledge, views, and creativity, without prejudice.  To learn more about BCTV, visit or call 802-257-0888.

November 18, 2020
Until July 19, 2021, BCTV's office and facilites are closed, but we continue to operate as follows:
  • Assign staff to attend online meetings, to record, upload, air, and archive
  • Send in-person field producers to cover 'hybrid' meetings
  • Offer production assistance for livestreaming of online or prerecorded videos
  • Offer curbside gear check-out of video production equipment
  • Provide specialized equipment to enable producers to work at home
  • Offer remote support and training
  • Offer final editing and uploading for member-submitted videos
Staff work primarily from home, but are in the office as needed.

To reserve equipment for curbside checkout, email or call 802-257-0888.

Thanks for your understanding & see you soon!