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Producer Party 2019

August 26, 2019

BCTV Announces Winners of the 2019 Producer Awards

People's Choice Award: Here We Are- Brattleboro's Community Talk Show: with guest The Jerusalem Peacebuilders 7/25/18. Producer: Wendy O'Connell.

The episode features Shai Lenman and Mohamed Yassin, two teens from Jerusalem Peacebuilders, which holds an intensive youth leadership program each summer in West Brattleboro. This is the second year that Wendy’s show is the winner of the People’s Choice. The award and cash prize were presented by this year’s sponsor, Luke Stafford of Mondo Mediaworks.

Watch episodes here:

Community Partner Award - WTSA Radio

Starting in January 2019, WTSA Radio, one of the few remaining locally owned media outlets, began uploading 'Morning News with Ian Kelley' to YouTube, which is then rebroadcast by BCTV on channel 8 at Noon and 6 PM weekdays. Ian is joined by fellow news anchor Tim Johnson, along with a variety of guests including athletes and artists. WTSA’s partnership with BCTV benefits both organizations and especially the local community.
Find WTSA News episodes here

Municipal Partner Award - Kathy Hege & Rick Hege, Town of Townshend

Kathy and Rick Hege have supported BCTV's coverage of public meetings in Townshend for many years; Kathy, as a long time Selectboard chair, and Rick, as the webmaster of Their high level of cooperation helps BCTV staff to record municipal meetings for those that can’t attend, which promotes transparency in town government. It is gratifying for BCTV to be valued by municipal leaders who dedicate their time and energy to public service.

Nonprofit Member Award - Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition, Greater Falls Connections, Turning Point of Windham County, West River Valley Thrives

This award typically recognizes the work of a single nonprofit member, but this year we salute a cluster of nonprofits working together on the issue of Substance Use. These organizations used BCTV to achieve their missions by producing videos or recording events that reflect the community’s interest in addiction prevention and response. We celebrate the particular efforts of the following producers:

Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition & Greater Falls Connections - Rolf Parker, Scott Sharland, Reggie Martell, Chad Simmons, Molly Nash
Turning Point of Windham County - Don Cuerdon, Cecil McLaury
West River Valley Thrives - Nick Plante, Reggie Martell, Helena Bundy

Find videos here:

New Producer of the Year: Dan Long

Dan learned how to produce a show that incorporates screen-capturing and multi-camera editing for ‘Gematria Today’, in which Dan explains the ancient Caballistic practice of Gematria, coding numbers into letters to find hidden meaning in words. Dan’s series is a good example of instructional multimedia  video.

Producer of the Year: Alex Evans

Alex Evans interned with BCTV in 2017 as credit for his Landmark College 'Civic Engagement' class. For his internship, Alex, who was the station manager for Landmark's student radio station, chose to create a mini documentary about BCTV. Alex came back last fall with a College-sanctioned internship of 90 hours. While he helped with editing and directing, he also produced his weekly radio show, 'Talking Nerdy,' for TV and YouTube, and it was a huge hit. Alex has since graduated and now lives in Portland, Maine, but not before he made his mark on BCTV and our viewers!
Talking Nerdy:

Series of the Year: Meg Mott's 'Debating Our Rights' & 'Good Clash: The Art of Productive Disagreement'

'Debating Our Rights' and 'Good Clash:The Art of Productive Disagreement' are two popular discussion series presented by (retired) Marlboro College professor Meg Mott, produced by Janis Chaillou and Em Richards of For The Record Video. Meg Mott leads discussions with active participation by audience members to identify shared values and encourage healthy debate.  Janis Chaillou and Em Richards worked with Mott to record both series in light of the high level of interest at her discussions. 

Sponsor of the Year: Karen Ameden of D&K's Jamaica Grocery

As a sponsor of BCTV's Town Meeting coverage for years, Karen Ameden, owner of D&K's Jamaica Grocery, has been one of the few small businesses to support BCTV. When BCTV approached the selectboards in our service territory for financial support in light of a decline in federal funding for public access television, Jamaica required 35 signatures in order for residents to vote on the issue at Town Meeting Day. Karen volunteered to make the petition available at her store, so that local residents could sign - and they did. When we send a producer up Route 30 to cover meetings, this kind of local support is our reward!

Volunteer of the Year: Austin Rice

The Volunteer of the Year Award is given to a volunteer who’s gone above and beyond in helping BCTV serve the community. This year the award goes to Austin Rice, who this year became a staff field producer, but who started submitting his own productions back in 2010, was Producer of the Year in 2011, and joined as a volunteer crew member in 2013. Austin spent the last year as volunteer learning how to direct the Brattleboro Selectboard so that he could fill in as an alternate, and spent two days at Harris Hill cheerfully operating a camera in the snow at the Ski Jump. When Gerry del Monico left the area, Austin took over as producer of the weekly Guilford Community Church services. On staff now, he is one of our go-tos for multi-cam concert coverage and some of our more complex projects. For all those years of persistent producing and volunteering that brought him to where he is now, this award goes to Austin!

BCTV's 50+ local producers were nationally recognized in 2019 and together with staff produced more than 1300 hours of local programming over the past year.

The BCTV awards ceremony is fashioned after the Emmys, but Halloween-themed dress is suggested this year due to the timing of the event. Audience members will enjoy dinner by The Marina, and the chance to mingle with creative types and community volunteers. A $5 donation is suggested.

Brattleboro Community Television is a community media center serving Brattleboro, Dummerston, Guilford, Jamaica, Newfane, Putney, Townshend and Vernon. BCTV's mission is to promote civic engagement and transparency, and to empower community members to share their knowledge, views and creativity, without prejudice.  To learn more about BCTV, visit or call 802-257-0888.

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Dinner from The Marina will be provided thanks to support from Vermont Films.