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Facilities closed temporarily per Governor's Order of 11-13-2020

November 18, 2020
Until July 19, 2021, BCTV's office and facilites are closed, but we continue to operate as follows:
  • Assign staff to attend online meetings, to record, upload, air, and archive
  • Send in-person field producers to cover 'hybrid' meetings
  • Offer production assistance for livestreaming of online or prerecorded videos
  • Offer curbside gear check-out of video production equipment
  • Provide specialized equipment to enable producers to work at home
  • Offer remote support and training
  • Offer final editing and uploading for member-submitted videos
Staff work primarily from home, but are in the office as needed.

To reserve equipment for curbside checkout, email or call 802-257-0888.

Thanks for your understanding & see you soon!