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Facilities closed temporarily per Governor's Order of 11-13-2020

November 18, 2020
In light of the Governor's Order of November 13 (extended on 12/15 to 1/15/21), we have made the difficult decision to temporarily close our facilities to producers and the public until the recent spike in COVID-19 cases is contained.
  • BCTV as an organization is not "closed" - we will continue to operate as follows:
  • Assign staff to attend online meetings, to record, upload, air, and archive
  • Send in-person field producers to cover 'hybrid' meetings
  • Offer production assistance for livestreaming of online or prerecorded videos
  • Offer curbside gear check-out on a bi-weekly basis (Wednesdays & Fridays)
  • Provide specialized equipment to enable producers to work at home
  • Offer remote support and training
  • Offer final editing and uploading for member-submitted videos
Staff will work primarily from home, but will be in the office as needed. BCTV's Edit Room and Studio have been in high demand since we initially reopened in July, so we know it's critical to open again as soon as possible. Hopefully this will be a mini-shutdown compared to last Spring and we will see you all soon!

To reserve equipment for curbside checkout, email or call 802-257-0888. Thanks for your understanding, support and patience!