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Changing of the Host at GMMT

September 22, 2017

Following Chris Lenois' announcement (below), I want to thank Chris and Fish at WKVT for allowing BCTV to make Green Mountain Mornings into BCTV's local news show for the past year (going on 14 months).  I'm proud that BCTV was able to present the show's high quality content, featuring reporters from Windham County's three news institutions, and of the timeliness, reliability, and quality of the video production. 

The impetus for 'Green Mountain Mornings Tonight' came out of the willingness of two summer interns in 2016, Ben Somin and Jane Fenstermaker, to record and edit the program under Roland Boyden's supervision. When we knew the show was going to work as a long term commitment, Nolan Edgar took over and brought his DSLR expertise to the recording. Roland edited and distributed the show to BCTV viewers, Facebook, YouTube, and across the state on the day it was aired on WKVT - delivering the immediacy that today's viewers expect.
The glue that held the show together was Chris' skill as a radio host, knowledge of local issues, and the personality to create a lively interview, morning after morning. Also invaluable was his ability to "just keep talking" when technical issues arose within the studio:) All of the reporters stepped up and helped viewers and listeners understand local and state issues, drawing on the journalistic expertise they bring to their articles and stories. It's what everyone wants from a local news show (especially these days).
Thanks to everyone who made this show a reality through your willingness to get up early and be on or behind the camera. I'm excited that the show will continue with  Olga Peters at the helm.
Cor Trowbridge
Dear GMM contributors and community, 
I’m writing to let you know that I am leaving my position as Host/Producer of “Green Mountain Mornings,” and News Director for WKVT, effective September 22. I have accepted a job as Associate Director of Marketing Communications at Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.  
What this means for the current features, regular segments and guest appearances is currently being determined. The station is committed to continuing the platform, but one of the great things about hosting the show has been the latitude I’ve been given to make it my own. I hope they offer that same freedom to my successor, while staying true to the goal of being a resource for individuals and organizations in our community. Going forward, please direct any questions you may have to Peter Case at
It has been a pleasure to host hundreds of hours-worth of conversations with you all over the past few years. I’m very proud of the work I’ve done to build the Green Mountain Mornings brand, but it goes without saying that none of it would have been possible without your participation and support.

Chris Lenois, host/producer

Green Mountain Mornings, WKVT 100.3FM/1490AM