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BCTV wins Hometown Media Award for 2013 Highlights Montage

July 2, 2014

Every year, BCTV's Production Manager Roland Boyden sits down to pull together clips and highlights for a "montage reel" for the Members Meeting in October. What may sound like a somewhat rote editing exercise becomes, in his hands, an opportunity for storytelling.  This is the second time in the past three years that Roland's montage video has won a Hometown Video Award from the Alliance for Community Media, a national organization of which BCTV is a member. What's unique about the 2013 montage is that it includes interviews with BCTV staff, board members, volunteer producers, and viewers. Consequently, it is a rich portrayal of the people we serve and why they feel BCTV is a critical community resource, along with being a snapshot in time of the programming we carried last year. From Roland's perspective, "having this video win confirms in a very public way what I've felt for a long time--that the videos BCTV producers are creating all the time, can have a real and positive impact on people--not just in here in our own community, but on a national level as well."

Congratulations to Roland and to everyone who was interviewed, created a program or worked on a camera for a live event last year. We can tell the story of BCTV only because you tell the stories of this community!

The first time, in 2011, Roland and executive director Cor Trowbridge flew to Chicago to accept the award. This year's ceremony is in Philadelphia. The category for the award is: About Access & Empowerment.

Here is the link to the award-winning video: