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Jackie Abrams - 45 Years of Making

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Since 1975, shaping baskets and vessels has always been a joy for me—manipulating materials, colors, and textures to create woven forms that contain space. My craft development work with women in Africa has had a profound influence on my art and on my life. I have learned to simplify, to let the forms and the materials speak for themselves. In 2002, I began a series entitled Women Forms. These figurative vessels speak of both the cultures and the women I have encountered who have impacted my life. These forms contain and are shaped by each woman’s layers of experience. This series continues to be a study into the possibilities of shaping, color, and surface texture. The opportunity to work with Deidre Scherer’s prints has added another visual dimension to my work. After much experimentation, we have developed pieces that combine Deidre’s strong images with my construction techniques to create vessels that reflect women, aging, and connections. Together, one plus one equals three.

Production Date: 
Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 11:30

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