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David Brewster

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My paintings synthesize a 200-year-old tradition of American Scene Painting into a new breaking point of abstraction in order to make sense of an increasingly bizarre and incongruous synthetic landscape. I wield a wide range of abstract mark making into a language that provides structure and perspective to order an overwhelming visual clutter. My interpretations of urban centers, suburbia and farmlands are not as we remember them — not sentimental imitations, but as they are, hybrids of historic architecture and modern amenities of late-stage capitalism. My subjects are fast food drive-throughs, big-box shopping plazas, and rotting post industrial detritus. I represent them with neon hues and broad dynamic paint-rollered strokes evocative of our digital age. I also draw with colored masking tape which I retain or remove to achieve the sharp edges and piercing reflective lights of plastic, chrome and glass prevalent in our built environment.

Production Date: 
Monday, March 22, 2021 - 09:30

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