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Chuck Olson

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"Throughout my entire life as a painter, I have been fascinated with the power of an object related to an experience and its subsequent hold on one’s memory. As individuals, our memory is, of course, selective and not unlike that of the choices before a painter in front of a palette. The object is a path to that memory, sometimes specific and direct but often taking the form of a perfume that is varied in concentration and shape. I so enjoy confronting them. Compositionally, this leads to a direct approach to the “center of interest” as if the image was a shell picked up from the beach and examined. Within this fixed and contemplative interaction, one experiences a unique moment. The power of history, found within the artifact or the landscape, provides the setting in the majority of my work. This is perhaps contrary to the classic idea of Modernism that long rejected the past as a source. For me, it is my great well. In attempting to paint this, I rely on strong contrast in color, texture, and shape in order to create a dialogue between the orbits and the subject—seductive color for attention and mystery, flat, rational brushstroke next to expressionistic whim, and shape that provides edges to the visual conversation. In this exhibition, “Object and Memory”, all of the elements of my visual explorations are represented. We move through our lives and gather these elements forming hybrid compositions that serve our collective memories. The contrast between childlike wonder and the adult’s intellectual curiosity is the dynamic that I seek in my work for it is an attempt to preserve that dual curiosity that reinforces the importance of seeking an engaged, enriching life." - Chuck Olson

Production Date: 
Sunday, November 7, 2021 - 16:45

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