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Easter Sunday 4/4/21

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This video is a traditional EASTER WORSHIP SERVICE with a TWIST. Instead of beginning the service with a joyous atmosphere, the sanctuary is instead darkened, there is no organ playing, and the communion table is shrouded in black netting. No lights and no candles are lit. We begin the service as if we were coming to the tomb with Mary Magdalen, expecting death. A violin plays passion hymns. Then the lights are turned up, the shroud is lifted from the communion table, revealing candles and flowers and Easter begins! Communion is celebrated. Traditional Passion Hymns are played on the violin by - Carolyn Walker Traditional Easter hymns are sung - Christ the Lord Is Risen Today Thine Is The Glory In the Garden Now the Green Blade Riseth The Strife is O're Communion Hymn - Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ Contemporary Song - "The Rose" Hymns and special music are sung by Steve Rice Carolyn Walker Special Music is sung by Carolyn Walker - "The Rose" Organ music is played by Bill McKim - "Grande Choeur" by TH Salome, "Carillon" by L. Vierne Scripture Text -The Resurrection Story - John 20:1-8 Sermon Title - "While It Was Still Dark..." Christ Is Risen! Christ Is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia! Have a Happy and Blessed Easter!

Production Date: 
Sunday, April 4, 2021 - 10:30

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