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Everyone Eats Appreciation Party

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Everyone Eats! is a program that leverages state & FEMA funds to buy and distribute to-go meals from local restaurants. The most recent phase of this program ended on June 24th, but we are continuing in a new, smaller iteration with fewer meals and only through organizations. The program continues to be funded by FEMA to ease COVID-related challenges. This new phase starts on Tuesday, July 13th and continues through September with a ramped-down distribution of meals through organizations only on Tuesdays & Thursdays. We will no longer be distributing meals directly to eaters through the Flat Street location. If you have been picking at Flat Street and still have a need, you can still get meals. Since August 2020, local organizations (Foodworks, Loaves and Fishes, Boys & Girls Club, Brattleboro Community Justice Center, The Root Social Justice Center, Dummerston Cares, Marlboro Cares, Putney Mutual Aid, Putney Foodshelf, Guilford Cares Food Pantry, and West River Valley Mutual Aid) have been distributing meals to recipients within their communities and will continue in this new phase. Contact these organizations directly for information, or order Everyone Eats! meals directly from restaurants using the Localvore App (

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 15:00