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5G Presentation Iishana Artra PhD at VT Statehouse 4/18/19

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On April 18 2019 EMF Safety For Vermont from Brattleboro, VT hosted an open public meeting at the Vermont Statehouse to present expert and public statements about 5G and bill H.513. The meeting was convened to inform legislators about 5G technology and the health effects of cell towers and wireless devices and how the implementation of 5G is hidden in the term broadband which is included in the bill. EMF Safety For Vermont strongly supports rural broadband but without 5G and instead by using fiber to connect to every location. Iishana Artra Ph.D and EMF testing professional in this talk presents evidence-based findings of health effects for radiowave radiation emitted by 5G.

Production Date: 
Thursday, April 18, 2019 - 14:45

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