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How can COVID-19 lessons can translate to fighting climate change?

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"If we're going to go through this kind of trauma, we might as well learn something from it. My three things worth having learned are: First, reality is real. [Sciences] don't compromise, it's in charge. Second, speed really matters. Putting things off or moving slowly doesn't help and it won't help on climate change. If we flatten the carbon curve at a rapid rate, we have a better chance. Social solidarity really, really matters. Governments and people coming together make things happen." Bill McKibben June 3, 2020 Bill McKibben, author, educator, environmentalist, and Co-founder of joined Tim Ashe, Vermont Senate President, to talk about lessons from COVID-19 and how they can translate to fighting climate change.

Production Date: 
Wednesday, June 3, 2020 - 12:15

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