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Hydropower and River Erosion

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Five Connecticut River hydroelectric facilities are currently receiving new operating licenses that will last 30-50 years. This video highlights ways the hydroelectric companies should operate in a more river-friendly way to reduce the erosion of riverbanks. In December 2020, Great River Hydro proposed significant changes to how they will operate going forward. In their license application, they propose to maintain a stable surface water elevation behind the dams most of the time, which should reduce the amount of fluctuation in the impoundments and significantly reduce erosion. While we are pleased about this change, Great River Hydro should be required to monitor for erosion and repair the river banks if needed going forward. CRC River Stewards, Andrea and Kathy, are available to update your local selectboard or conservation commission on the relicensing process and CRC’s concerns about the river. Contact Kathy at or Andrea at Learn more about the Connecticut River Conservancy and how you can get involved at

Production Date: 
Thursday, March 25, 2021 - 13:30