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Brattleboro Declares Civil Rights for All

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Join area resident Woody Bernhard, the creator of the We Celebrate Democracy/ Civil Rights For All Main Street banner, to learn about his campaign which includes the banner which was recently hung over Main Street. It was photographed with supporters in front of the Brattleboro, Marlboro and Putney post offices. Postcards were made from those photos with the hope that they will inspire people to stand up in public for democracy and civil rights. A group of about 40 people carried the banner in the July 4th Parade. Bernhard, a retired carpenter from Marlboro, VT, says that the real issue of our time is the failure of democracy, and that the only way to fix the many problems we face is for all of us to unite and call for true democracy and equal civil rights for all people. Come see the banner at today’s event and arrange to fly it in your town, or arrange to make a postcard in front of the post office in your town.

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Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 12:45