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Citizens Breakfast: Medicare Facts & Medicare Fraud 10/24/14

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Medicare Facts & Medicare Fraud

Presenter: Kelly McElheny,Community of Vermont Elders - C.O.V.E./SMPSouthern VT Volunteer and Outreach -

SMP (formerly “Senior Medicare Patrol”) is a program that exists in all 50 states and is funded by the US Administration on Aging to empower seniors to protect themselves against Medicare errors, fraud or abuse. Since 2003, C.O.V.E. has been the sponsoring agency, administering the federal grant. Anita Hoy <> is the Director who also covers the territory north of Rte. 4 / White River Junction, while Kelly McElheny covers the southern part of the state.

This material is also relevant to those persons under the age of 65 who are disabled,  on Medicare and who may be “dual eligibles.”

The  brochure “Don’t Be a Target of Healthcare Fraud” gets the message across --  if you suspect errors, fraud or abuse, report it!  By doing so, you will save your benefits and help protect others. Even if you receive a benign phone call, SMP wants to know what is going on. SMP can make a direct referral to the Consumer Assistance Program (CAP) of the Vermont Attorney General’s Office, if the matter falls within that program’s scope. Find other Referral Contacts here.

Production Date: 
Friday, October 24, 2014 - 07:30

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