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2020 Crowdsourced Cinema Vermont's Cast Away

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This summer of 2020, 36 teams of filmmakers across Vermont collaborated to create a remake of the feature film, Cast Away. Armed with a single scene from the original film and whatever equipment they had access to, teams re-interpreted and filmed every iconic moment: the plane crash, the island survival, the birth of Wilson the volleyball, and every scene in between. The final film, an amalgam of animation, live action, found footage, and soundscapes retells the story with a Vermont flair and an awareness of the times we live in. The scene created by BCTV's video campers (Scene 13: "HELP") airs approximately 33:47 into the video.

The cast and crew of BCTV's 'Cast Away' scene:

  • Malika Anthes
  • Sydney "Quinn" Chute
  • Connor Noyes-Urffer
  • Frederic Noyes, Lead Instructor
Production Date: 
Friday, October 23, 2020 - 17:30

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