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Video Chat with BCTV

Join BCTV Live through Video Chat

Making an appearance on BCTV no longer requires a trip to our downtown studios. Thanks to the ever increasing quality of free video chat services BCTV can now integrate guests from remote locations into live studio programing, or record entire standalone programs over video conference.

If you've recieved a request to join BCTV via video chat or would like to submit video content remotely via live webcast, you'll need access to the following:

  • A computer or tablet or smartphone
  • A Google Plus or Skype account
  • Successful download/installation of Skype Software or Google Plus Video Driver
  • A standalone usb webcam, interface, or camera (if your computer/device does not include a built in webcam)

For Skype sign up/download CLICK HERE

For Google Plus sign up/driver install CLICK HERE


Add BCTV as a contact

Ready to go? Just add BCTV to your list of current contacts under the following handles:


Skype: Brattleboro Community TV

Google Plus: Bratt Chat



Tips & Tricks

Wear Headphones

Both Skype and Google Plus use voice cancellation technology to erase sound frequencies that could contribute to feedback between computer speakers. Headphones not only prevent feedback but greatly improve the quality of the audio by elminating the need for drastic filtering. Earbud make a great discreet means of monitoring your sound without clashing with your wardrobe.

Light It Up

Webcams may be HD these days, but they're still made with very small sensors that require a lot of light to produce high quality images. That doesn't mean you'll need a bank of stage lights blinding you, but a desk lamp aimed in your direction, or a little sunlight coming through the window can go along way. That said, beware the backlight! Windows, lamps or other lighting fixtures, even TV screens in the background behind you can all cause problems, as they force the camera to compensate by darkening the overall image, causing a sillhoette effect on your face in the foreground. If you are in a sunlit room, try facing into the windows rather than putting them at your back.

Step Up to the Mic

If you can, plugging an external microphone in to your computer or device can greatly improve the audio quality of your chat. This doesn't necessarily require a broadcast mic and mixing board though, a bluetooth earpiece paired with your tablet will get the job done. New USB gaming headsets or old fashioned analog headsets (think two headphone connectors usually pink & green) will work as well. There's also a wealth of good quality microphones built for podcasting that can connect with a single USB connector. Just make sure your microphone of choice is selected from the drop down menu in the preferences tab in either Skype or Google Plus (note: USB mics/headsets normally display only as USB Audio Codec).

If you don't have an external mic on hand, the built in microphone on your computer/tablet will do it a pinch--but it's more likely to pick up background noise like an air conditioner or fan, so remaining in close proximity to your device is the key to getting clear audio. And while noise like traffic on your street may be out of your control, an air conditioner is worth shutting off during your recording.

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