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Submit shows online

Tips for submitting your program to BCTV online:

On the top bar, click on Login and create an account.

Click the "Create a New Show" button, and follow the instructions. 

Here are some tips:

  • About My Show tab: check "I want to Submit finished video" (or whichever response applies).
  • Enter Program Info tab: Here is where you'll put all of the information about your show.
  1. Producer: your name (this is how it will be displayed)
  2. Series: If you are going to submit multiple shows on the same topic, we will coach you on how to create a series for them. Just create a single show at this point.
  3. Title: What you want the program to be called on the BCTV schedule
  4. Description: You can write a lot here and all of it is searchable. For instance, you can put the names of your production crew, anyone you want to acknowledge, anything you want to say about your video. Note: If you are cutting and pasting, please use the "Paste as Plain Text" button to remove formatting. 
  5. Tags: 1-3 word terms or phrases that will help Googlers find your video. If you start to type a tag and it comes up as already existing, choose that one.
  6. Participants: enter a name, affiliation, title (see sample provided). Currently you can only add one (and can add more once you Save and Edit). 
  7. Links: list an online link where people can go for more info - this can be to a website or any other online resource. Same problem with "Add another item" not working properly right now, you can add more in Edit.
  8. File Attachments: you can upload related Documents or Photos here.
  9. Production Date: when the video was produced - all of our videos are organized chronologically by production date. This is a required field.
  10. Time: This is also a required field, though there's no asterisk. Enter any time you want.
  11. Program Length: get this from your YouTube video if that's the way you're submitting it.
  12. Location/Phone/Email/Location Contact Person- not required; Ok to ignore.
  13. Legal Requirements:  These two boxes are required. Explanation of legal requirements is on the Releases & Legal tab.
  • Submit Your Video tab - this explains the various ways you can submit your video.
  1. Send the finished video project to Compressor on BCTV's editing suites. This is for editors working at BCTV.
  2. Copy embed link from a video hosting site, with permission to download from this site. Submit in highest possible resolution for best results. For this option, please click the "select" button below and paste in the YouTube or Vimeo url.
  3. Upload high-resolution file to BCTV's Hightail account. There is a link provided for this. You can use your own Dropbox account if you prefer.
  4. Drop off a thumb drive with finished high-resolution video files. Be sure to let us know if you want the thumb drive returned in the notes field below.
  5. Mail or drop off a DVD, specifying which title or episode to broadcast. Also be sure to let us know if you want your media/DVD returned to you in the notes field below.
  6. SAVE

And you're done! We will get notification that the video has been submitted and will contact you with any questions about titling or arranging your shows in a series.

Finally, we'll send you a link to the video hosted on our website. You'll also be able to see the playout times.