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At Landmark: John Van Alstine, A Sculptor Journey 3/27/17

“The Art of Turning Negatives Positive – A Sculptor Journey” - John Van Alstine

With 45 years of living off his work under his belt, internationally recognized sculptor John Van Alstine traces his career and life from early student days through many ups and downs,...Watch now »

At Landmark: Jean Cherouny, Art & Emotion 3/6/17

“Art and Emotion Storm My World: What is…What could be?”

Jean Cherouny '87 writes, "Splashing and rolling paint, in all its trials and errors, forms the basis for my abstract rollerblade art. Whether it be a performance or a process, my practice allows me to observe the formal and...Watch now »

At Landmark: Tom Wessels, Self-organization 2/20/17

Self-organization, Co-evolution, and Sustainability”

This talk from Tom Wessels examines the principle of self-organization from an ecological perspective as a model for creating human systems that will not only sustain themselves but thrive.

Tom Wessels is an...Watch now »

At Landmark: John Elder, Climate Change 2/6/17

"The Power of Myth and the Challenge of Climate Change” by John Elder

John Elder writes, "Climate activists in the U. S. often draw inspiration from the philosophies of Native American and East Asian traditions. But unless we can bring our own foundational stories into this defining...Watch now »

At Landmark: Mark Timney, 'Off Target' 10/17/16

"Off Target: What Hollywood, Journalists, and Shooters Get Wrong About Guns"

his is an apolitical examination into the mythology that surrounds firearms. The term “mythology” is especially appropriate here given that much of what the average person, even the average gun...Watch now »

At Landmark: 1st Annual Morgan Le Fay Symposium Keynote 10/1/16

Economist Paul McCulley offers “A Civics Lesson for the Real World” as the keynote speaker at the first symposium of Landmark College’s Morgan Le Fay Center for Advances in Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship Instruction, held Saturday, October 1, on Landmark College’s campus.

The...Watch now »

At Landmark: Amer Latif, 'Only God is Good' 9/26/16

This talk introduces Islamic teachings, ritual practices, and the sharia by using a story from the Gospels in which Jesus answers the questions of a rich man who desires to become his disciple. Although there are significant differences between Islam and Christianity, this comparative approach...Watch now »

At Landmark: Dr. Brian Young, 'The Boreal Forest' 3/28/16

The Boreal Forest in a Time of Change

The boreal forest is the world’s largest biome and is currently undergoing major transformations due to climate change. All aspects of boreal forest ecosystem function are likely to be affected. Using the Alaskan boreal forest as a model, Dr. Brian...Watch now »

At Landmark: The Yes Men, 'Making Meaningful Mischief' 3/28/16

The Yes Men are Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, two guys who couldn’t hold down a job until they became representatives of Exxon, Halliburton, Dow Chemical, and the U.S. federal government. As the Yes Men, they use humor, truth, and lunacy to bring media attention to the crimes of their...Watch now »

At Landmark: Curtiss Reed, Jr. - 2/29/16

Vermont Vision for a Multicultural Future with Curtiss Reed, Jr.

Curtiss Reed, Jr., chronicles how Vermont Partnership for Fairness and Diversity is leading the nation’s most rural and least racially diverse state to become the epicenter of inclusive and equitable thought and practice in...Watch now »