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Get on BCTV

So maybe you'd rather BE on BCTV, rather than making your own TV show, as fun as that sounds. This section is all about getting YOU (or your message) on the air. 

News and Video Calendar:  We have two weekly programs produced by BCTV that are all about local events and news stories. If you want to publicize your event or contribute video to a story you think is newsworthy, send us a clip and tell us all about it! 

BCTV Open Studio: BCTV's "Open Studio" is a 30-minute moderated interview program in a roundtable format for nonprofit organizations who join BCTV as an Organizational Member.

Community Bulletin Board: BCTV carries nonprofit messages that rotate 24/7 between programs on both channels.

Cover My Event: You've got an event & want someone to record it? Here's how we figure out how to get it done.