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Energy Week with George Harvey

Area blogger George Harvey teams up with video engineer Tom Finnell to bring to BCTV this weekly, hour-long program packed with news and information about energy and global warming compiled from more than a thousand articles from sources accross the globe.

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Energy Week: 4/27/17

Eos has super low cost batteries - if you order five years early. Vermont's renewable energy is second only to California, the UCS says. Trump will not allow ExxonMobil to drill in Russia. Britain burned no coal for a whole day. Mexico will have the biggest solar array in the Western Hemisphere...Watch now »

Energy Week: 4/20/17

A German company bid to put in an offshore windfarm with a subsidy of zero. Nuclear power's problems grow. EPA chief Scott Pruit is being sued over bad science. Vermont is losing its bird populations to pollution and climate change. Huge solar farms may go up at coal mining sites in Kentucky,...Watch now »

Energy Week: 4/13/17

States, cities, businesses, scientists, and the general public are taking up the slack on climate change. A coal museum is getting its own solar power. A senate committee met on sea level rise only four miles from a Trump resort in Florida. Tesla is worth more than GM. Vermont is looking at...Watch now »

Energy Week: 4/6/17

Vermont's biggest solar array so far has been approved. Iowa has low electric prices because of wind power. Leading companies are fighting climate change despite Trump. So are utilities. The EPA is to lay off 25% of its employees. And there is more.Watch now »

Energy Week: 3/30/17

A conservative is pushing for a carbon tax. Donald Trump has okayed the Keystone XL pipeline and is doing away with the Clean Power Plan. But this might not be a tragedy - it might be the first act of a comedy. A resolution at the Brattleboro Representative Town Meeting calls for investigation...Watch now »

Energy Week: 3/23/17

Donald Trump is proposing deep cuts for the EPA and DOE programs. Other cuts include supports for out-of-work miners. Senator Inhofe is perplexed by fires in Oklahoma that were worsened by drought. Stopping climate change will save money and add jobs. Coal's decline continues. And there is more...Watch now »

Energy Week: 3/16/17

Elon Musk offered to fix South Australia's grid problems with a $300 million battery; Tesla would do the job in 100 days, or it would be free. Proposed new sound limits for wind turbines in Vermont would effectively exclude them. Michael Bloomberg says the US will meet the Paris Climate goals,...Watch now »

Energy Week: 3/9/17

Oil companies are giving up on Canadian tar sands. After years of drought, California is getting much too much rain. The Trump administration is cutting the budgets for everybody but the Department of Defense. Windpower is growing fast. And there is more.Watch now »

Energy Week: 3/2/17

 The Standing Rock protest has been cleared. California has the largest chemical battery in the world. A study says Australia could become 100% renewably powered. A nuclear plant owner in New Jersey is looking for financial help. China has cut coal consumption for the third year in a row. And...Watch now »

Energy Week: 2/23/17

A new Drive train for delivery vans reduces fuel requirements to 20% or less of what they were. Cities are going 100% renewable. One place in Oklahoma hit 99° in February. Solar PVs will soon provide power to 7,000 Indian rail stations. And there is more.Watch now »